beer and cider

Classic Hits – The Stalwarts of Beer

4th SEPTEMBER, 2015
dark beers

You’ve never had more choice when it comes to beer, but these few classics helped kick off the trend, and remain as respectable as ever..

Beers With a Little Extra Spice

14TH AUGUST, 2015
Spice beers

Infusions of original flavours are all the rage in the brewing world. Everyone is after a unique selling point, but what are the standouts?

The How and when of beer cellaring

24th July, 2015
dark beers

When we think of cellaring, our thoughts turn to wine – but have you considered how a nice stout might taste in five years’ time? Here’re the ins and outs of ageing beer..

The Dark Side - Stouts, Porters and Dark Ales

10th July, 2015
dark beers

Seasonal beer drinkers may be missing a golden opportunity to explore the dark side. Here’s why the black stuff can be as complex and comforting as a nice glass of red..


19th June, 2015
Coopers Boags

With new breweries popping up around Australia at lightning speed, it’s easy to forget the stalwarts of the industry. If it’s been while since you tasted the top dogs, here’s  a timely reminder of what the oldest breweries do best.

Your Beer Needs Glasses

29th May, 2015
Beer Glasses

Fine glassware with your beer is not something we have seen a lot of in Australia. Here we explore glasses in all shapes and sizes..

COUNTRY FOCUS: New Zealand Beers

22nd May, 2015
Autumn Ales

New Zealand is a high-flier in the new world of craft beer. New Zealand-grown hops are in much demand, with varieties such as Motueka, Nelson Sauvin, Wai-iti and Waimea - among others - all extremely sought-after by growers around the world. And the brewers themselves are doing just as well...

Those Golden Autumn Ales

15th May, 2015
Autumn Ales

Beer is a seasonal tipple that requires all the art of a vineyard harvest. Autumn takes you away from the refreshing pale ales and towards those comforting darker hops-intense flavours. We walk you through the nuances of toffee, spice, pine and chocolate undertones of Autumn Ales...


1st May, 2015

To talk about beer in Belgium is like trying to talk about wine in France. Both have a long history, pride and passion, and an incredible array of styles and techniques often handed down through generations. Belgian beer can be completely foreign to those uninitiated, with styles being more about the approach, history or location rather than specific ingredients.

Love bugs, wild yeast and big hops.

25th March 2015

Hops, bacteria and brettanomyces. These three ingredients are all historically crucial to beer, but after years of industrialisation in the brewing industry they were almost left behind as a footnote...


14th August, 2015
Dark Beers

Winter’s a harsh season for the beer industry, but it’s a chance for beer lovers to relish the darker side of the offerings. We list our best..


26th June, 2015
Jack Hammer

The beer world has not looked upon the UK kindly in times gone by, but be assured – old British styles have been well-revived, and new-world trends have penetrated the revitalised market...


29TH MAY, 2015
Craft Beer

Fancy a sour beer that reminds you of lemony bread? How about herbs and spices with your hops? Beer trends in Australia are going global, and your local brewery knows no geographical boundaries...


8TH MAY, 2015
Australian Beer

The state of beer in the United States still owes a lot to the prohibition era, a time when bootleggers were watering down beers in the no-regulation underground market. Borne of that time was a thirst for adjunct lagers, brewed with a hefty percentage of corn or rice to leave a beer with a thin, watery body and mouthfeel. While prohibition-era influenced beer still dominates sales in the country, modern craft brewing is doing its best to show Americans there is more to beer than its historical blandness...

Out of Style – When Brewers Get Creative

8th May, 2015

True classics never go out of style. It’s as true to music and wine as it is to art, cars or beer. And when it comes to beer, there are classic styles from which all other beers follow; Czech pilsner, English bitter, German hefeweizen, and American IPA just to name a few...


4th December, 2014
beer lined up

As summer rolls around, the vast majority of Australian beer drinkers will be reaching for an ice cold lager to sate their thirst. And with the rapid growth of the country’s craft brewing industry and its fondness for ales, there are an increasing number of interesting options to keep you company over the warmer months...

Crafting a trend: The state of play for Australian and global beer

25TH MARCH 2015
Australian Beer

It was Dave Bonnington, former Australian Craft Beer Industry Association Chairman and founder of Melbourne’s Mountain Goat brewery, who declared they wouldn’t get kicked in the head if their head wasn’t above the precipice. After 17 years owning a small brewery in an industry dominated by big brewers, Bonnington has probably been kicked in the head a few times - metaphorically speaking of course. His comments come on the back of recent negative media attention for craft beer...

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