From the ales to the stouts to the craft beers, for International Beer Day on August 4, we explore the beers which have made their mark on the world and how they came to be.

Beer and Cider

Meet the Godfather of Australian Brewing: Chuck Hahn

Chuck Hahn has been an iconic member of the brewing industry since the 1980s when he first discovered the science of hops, yeast and grains. In many …

What makes an award-winning beer?

Good brewing is both an art and a science. In this list of our Best Of Award-winners for 2017, you’ll find not only the best beer in Australia, but t…

5 Trending Craft Beers

We take a look at five completely different beers that are currently exciting beer drinkers around Australia.

All For Ale

Lager may be the world's most popular style of beer, but ales are having all the fun.

A Short History of Craft Beer in Australia

The history of beer in Australia is rich, frequently fascinating and, for the interested drinker, well worth delving into. What follows are the highl…

The When and How of Beer Cellaring

You reach for that special bottle; the one you've been saving for months or years to open at just the right time. It means something to you, it's imp…

Beers with a Little Extra Spice

Most people will know that it only takes four ingredients to brew beer: water, malt, yeast and hops. Using those few components, brewers are able to …

Behind the Scenes of Brewing

Two Australian brewers give a glimpse into a typical day on the job - the glamourous, the mundane & everything between.

Country Focus: Belgian Beers

To talk about beer in Belgium is like trying to talk about wine in France. Both have a long history, pride and passion, and an incredible array of st…