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Trends for Spring

February 16, 2017

Trends play a big role in the drinks world. Once the clock leaps forward it's time for fun in the sun whilst sipping some of the hottest spring drinks.

Beer, wine and all things fine

Spring is a great time to shake off the shackles, let your hair down and banish those winter blues by tickling your taste buds with some delicious drinks that will help you welcome in the finer warmer weather in style. Bubbles, crisp whites, fresh zesty beers and some picnic ‘classics’ are set to be all the rage this spring.

The ‘musts’

The iconic royal blue band that adorns the front of Pommery Champagne bottles is synonymous with good times. Pommery are renowned for producing wonderfully fresh, clean, vibrant and cleansing Champagnes that are perfect for springtime sipping. They’ve recently introduced a new seasonal range that features an exhilarating Blanc de Blanc too, so there’s a different cuvee to keep the good times flowing throughout the year.

Picnics and parties demand an all-round crowd-pleasing white wine that quenches the thirst but doesn’t break the bank. A tried and tested classic is the way to go and you can’t beat an Italian Pinot Grigio. Some trends come and go in the twist of a screwcap but our thirst for quality Pinot Grigio is unabated. Portone Pinot Grigio hails from the Veneto in the north east of Italy and hits the refreshing and fun brief right out of the park. It’s full of crisp apple, pear and citrus fruit flavours and is as versatile as it is thirst quenching.

Hops galore

The beer market is one of the most dynamic and fascinating sectors in the drinks world today. Beer has really captured peoples imagination and a there’s hardly a day goes by without a new brewery launching a range of scintillating beers onto the market. With so much choice it can be a bit overwhelming when selecting some beers to help bring in spring. We recommend grabbing something from one of the stalwarts and balance it up with a brew from one of the most successful, hippest movers and shakers seen in the brewing world in the last 10 years.

Kronenbourg, the French industry veteran, have long been renowned for brewing fresh, zesty lagers that are perfect for sipping in the sun and the recently introduced Kronenborg Blanc is a welcome addition to their stable of palate cleansers. A subtle wheat beer, it’s perfect for spring with citrus and spice aromas making it a cracking addition to any soirée.

Hailing from Fraserburgh in the north of Scotland, Brewdog have taken the beer industry by storm since they first splashed onto the scene almost 10 years ago. Beer aficionados and professionals alike have clamoured over each new release from this boutique brewer and their ‘Dead Pony Club’ has continued that theme. It pays homage to US style pale ales that are all the rage and does it all whilst coming in at only 3.8%, meaning you get plenty of flavour without any heady alcohol getting in the way.

The ‘new’ classics

To round off your spring party pack, jump on board a couple of the fastest moving trends of the last few years. Low carb and low sugar beers have really made a splash of late and the team over at Pure Blonde have been one of the most successful players in the market. In introducing Pure Blonde Cider into the mix they’ve made not only a deliciously crisp and refreshing cider that is a winner by its own merits, but one that you won’t feel too guilty about sipping on in the sun.

Lastly, a trend which is gathering pace across the world is the resurgence of more old fashioned spirits that you would traditionally have only found in your grandparent’s drinks cabinet! Pimms was long the preserve of the croquet club back in its spiritual home in the UK, but over the last couple of years it has been one of the drinks trades’ greatest success stories. For added convenience you can now pick it up in pre-mixed form in the shape of Pimms Sparkling Cup. Fresh onto the market, this pre-mixed cracker is great for sharing at parties and is ideal for a gathering where it might prove tricky to put together your Pimms with the full regalia of fruit garnishes.

So there you have it, several on-trend and delicious palate cleansers that mean you’ll be ahead of the pack when you turn up to your next soirée or picnic in the park this spring!