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Evesham Wood

Willamette Pinot Noir 750mL

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The Evesham Wood Pinot Noir leads with a terrific bouquet that incorporates not only fresh cherry and plum garlanded in bittersweet floral perfume and tinged with brown spices, but also a mouthwatering intimation of salted, herbed, marrow-rich beef stock. All of these elements come together on a clear, bright, infectiously juicy palate and lead to a vibrantly ringing not to mention invigorating and mouthwatering finish, in which toasted nuts, alkali and crushed stone also play minor but intriguing roles.

Oregon is Highly touted for its Pinot Noirs and is part of the up-and-coming winemaking industry in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. Well worth a try.

  • Style
    Soft, Supple & Stylish Reds
  • Standard Drinks
  • Packaging
  • Alcohol Content
  • Closure
  • Varieties
    Pinot Noir
  • Region
    Willamette Valley, United States
  • Origin
    United States
  • Cellaring
    Medium term cellaring (up to 7 years)
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