Seppeltsfield Solero DP38 Rich Rare Venerable 500mL

Seppeltsfield Solero DP38 Rich Rare Venerable 500mL

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"Our December 2008 agreement with Europe spelled the end of 'sherry', 'oloroso', 'amontillado' and 'fino' on our wine labels.
So, Seppeltsfield's former 'oloroso sherry' becomes 'rich, rare and venerable' – descriptors that have always been apt for this glorious, sweet fortified wine. It's never better than at Christmas, when we nibble on fresh nuts, or finish the meal with traditional steamed pudding or fruitcake. A product of fractional blending through a 'solera' system, DP38 offers a luscious, fruity sweetness, profoundly altered by long ageing in old oak barrels. Age gives a distinct yellow-tawny hue to the colour – one aspect of what the Spanish describe as 'rancio'. Rancio includes distinct leathery, nutty and marmalade-like nuances resulting from prolonged barrel maturation." - 5 Satrs
- Canberra Times, 11 Dec 2013, by Chris Shanahan.

Alcohol Content 21.5%
Style Dessert & Fortified Wines
Closure Cork
Origin Australia, Barossa
Product Code 6529460


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