Valdespino Pedro Ximenez Yellow Label 750mL Cellar Press Special


Pedro Ximenez Yellow Label 750mL

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Cellar Press Special
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Jerez is the only place that can produce the wine named Sherry. It has been producing these wines since wine-making was introduced to Spain by the Phoenicians in 1100 BC. The Jerez district has a predictable Mediterranean climate and the albariza soil which is the best for growing these grapes as it can reflect sunlight back up to the vine and retain and maximise the little rainfall they have.

Made from the Pedro Ximenez grapes, once harvested, they are left out in the sunshine for at least two weeks. This causes water to evaporate from the grape turning it to raisin and the sugar levels to rise. The wine that is made is then matured using the 'Solera and Criadera' system. The sherry is added above previous vintages in this barrel system and is therefore labelled Non Vintage.

This Sherry is of an intense mahogany colour, with aroma of raisins and rich on the palate.

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    Spain, Jerez
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    Dessert & Fortified Wines
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