Stefano Lubiana Sparkling NV 750mL

Stefano Lubiana

Sparkling NV 750mL

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"Lubiana, along with Arras (made by Ed Carr), demonstrate why cool Tasmania became Australia's bubbly hot spot. It starts with the intense but delicate flavours of the purpose-grown fruit. After that Steve Lubiana's winemaking and blending skills come into play – capturing the fruit flavour then, through clever blending (55 per cent chardonnay, 45 per cent pinot noir) and almost six years' maturation in bottle on yeast lees. Like France's great Champagnes, it's rich and textured beyond the fruit – because of the winemaking and maturation. But delicate fruit remains at the centre. Indeed, without these the winemaking inputs would add up to nothing."
- Chris Shanahan, Canberra Times.

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  • Origin
    Australia, Tasmania
  • Style
    Cheerful Fun & Fizzy
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