Ballantines 17YO Scotch Whisky 700mL


17YO Scotch Whisky 700mL

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Blended whiskies are often considered the poor cousin of single malts, but Ballantine's 17 year old proves blends have plenty to offer. It combines refined, sweet oak on the nose and a luscious body to create one glorious whisky. It's full-bodied with complex dessert fruit, sweet pears and figs offering honeyed sweetness with hints of oak and peat smoke. Masterful blending skills on show help make this our clear and deserving winner. A testament to the art of the master blender, and fiercely championed by Jim Murray.

Whisky Bible Awards 2011: World Whisky of the Year;
Whisky Bible Awards 2012: Scotch Blend of the Year; 97.5 Points.

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