Domaine A Campaniac 750mL

Domaine A Campaniac 750mL

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Domaine A Campaniac is made in the timeless tradition of fine brandy craftsmanship. Beautiful sauvignon grapes are plucked by hand from estate vines and transformed into wine by H. Peter Althaus. The elegant eau de vie is drawn from the hearts of the distillation employing age-old techniques of the grand cellar masters. It is patiently matured for eight years in a single French oak cask seasoned with Domaine A Cabernet Sauvignon. As the precious brandy matures in barrel, the angels take their hare and the personality of Campaniac begins to emerge. With time, glorious golden colour and complex flavours evolve. A sublime experience for connoisseurs of the greatest beauty.

Inspirational aromatic heights unfold to reveal smooth, warm and harmonious character. Golden honeysuckle, orange blossom, toasted hazelnut, whispers of oolong, cocoa and spice. Pure luxury to savour long into the night.

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Alcohol Content 40%
Closure Cork
Origin Australia, Tasmania
Product Code 1886100


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