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Four Pillars Gin

3X200mL Gift Pack

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If you can't decide which of our award-winning gins to choose, or want to give a gin-lover in your life a 'Four Pillars small-batch pack', then this is the perfect solution. Three 200ml bottles, packaged up and ready to gift: the essential Rare Dry Gin, our Spiced Negroni Gin, and 'gunpowder proof' Navy Strength Gin.

Have a mini-tasting at home, and try them in a G&T line-up with different garnishes. Or go crazy and use them as a progressive cocktail starter pack: begin with a Rare Dry Gin & tonic garnished with a slice of orange, follow with a classic Negroni, and finish with a Navy Strength Southside or a Gimlet.

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    Australia, Yarra Valley
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