Hakushu Distillers Reserve Whisky 700mL

Hakushu Distillers Reserve Whisky 700mL

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Another intriguing new Japanese whisky from Suntory, this one from the Hakushu distillery stringing from the recent movement toward non age statement whiskies from producers. Suntory's Hakushu Distillers Reserve combines young lightly peated and older, heavily peated malts rumored to be minimum eighteen years in age and matured in American oak casks.

Pale straw gold colour. Moderately intense, grassy and mildly fruity aromatics combine with a malty-vanilla base and a soft, round, light to medium weighted delivery with cereal and vanilla flavours, nicely balanced alongside the gently buzzing spices that carry well into the aftertaste. Shows good persistence.

Alcohol Content 43%
Origin Japan
Product Code 2409219


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