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Beer Lovers Crate

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A lager gift to delight the most discerning beer drinker! Packed with tempting snacks. Packed in a large, reusable, distinctive wood box; finished with a gold bow.

List of Contents:
• 3 x Stella Artois Premium Lager Beer 330ml
• 3 x Crown Lager Beer 375ml
• Sahika Turkish Delight 280g
• Granforno Grissini Breadsticks 125g
• Maille French Mustard 210g
• Chio Brezli Pretzels 100g
• Passport Travel Tin Fruit Drops 147g
• Whittings Christmas Fruit Cake 250g
• Snax with Attitude Beer Nuts 200g
• Rocca's Deli Fine Wafer Crackers 100g
• FREE Travel Cup 250ml
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