Rodenbach Classic Ale Can 330mL


Classic Ale Can 330mL

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RODENBACH Classic is a Flanders Red style (mixed-fermentation) beer, consisting of 3/4 young beer and 1/4 beer matured for two years in French oak foeders. The Classic Rodenbach brew is a smooth balance between sourness and a biscuit malt character.
The natural lactic and acetic acids in the aged beer become softer and fruitier. Blending the aged beer with the young lager preserves it, and this blended result is less sour than the aged beer is on its own.

With a highly refreshing-like quality to the taste, Rodenbach has a pronounced fruit flavor of cherries and green apple, a complex taste and aroma, and pours a red-brown colour.
These attributes lend Rodenbach the same sweet-sour flavor and complex fruitiness that you will find in a good bottle of wine.

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