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Young Henrys

Natural Lager Can 375mL

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Young Henrys Natural Lager is unfiltered and instantly recognisable for its permanent haze. But don't let that cloud your judgement; made using three types of Australian noble hops, this is a well-crafted beer that's crisp, refreshing and absolutely made for sipping on summer days. A beautifully balanced beer with a hazy golden hue that is bursting with Australian noble hop character.

• Pack of 6 x 375mL Cans.

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  • by Chops Tippo, on August 04, 2018

    Flavoursome for a lager.

  • by Luke Nuke, on August 04, 2018

    Nice aroma and clean finish. Very enjoyable

  • by Max Power, on August 04, 2018

    Quality unfiltered Lager, good for a session or an afternoon bbq with the lads.

  • by Ferne, on August 04, 2018

    A little lighter than I expected but not a bad way to mix it up and try and new lager.

  • by Juan Pablo, on July 06, 2018

    Why not! with a citrus taste when you first sip it and a very refreshing after taste, this Lager is right up there. Young Henry's chooses simplicity when brewing this beer and the results are great. While you can easily drink this by itself, you will probably enjoy it more with a snack or a small meal. Bring it to your party next time you are in front of a beer fridge deciding what to buy, you won't regret it (i didn't)