The Rise and Rise of Pinot Noir

25th September, 2015
Felton Road

Once the domain of mainly wealthy Europeans, the New World has finally caught Pinot Noir fever, and the results – well, they speak for themselves.

Charming Chardonnay

8th August, 2015

Once the darling of the wine world, Chardonnay fell out of favour for many years. But now she’s back - to let you know she can really shake ‘em down...

Taking Inspiration from Foreign Friends

29th July, 2015

The Aussie wine market is considered adolescent compared to its European counterparts – so our producers are showing respect to the Old World as they explore the New..

Bubbles the Australian way

24th July, 2015
Australian Bubbles

Since time immemorial, Champagne has held the market share with its incomparable sparkling. But how are our Aussie producers stacking up? The answer might surprise you.


17th July, 2015
blended wine

When does a wine reach maturity? Is it 5 years, 7 years, or how about a whole decade? I’m afraid the answer is rather more complex than that, and it all depends on the wine itself.

The Sherry Resurgence

10th July, 2015

Sherry: it's no longer a relic from your grandparents’ era. A new Sherry boom is opening the minds of a new generation of appreciators, and it’s time you knew what you’ve been missing...

To Blend or not to blend

26th JUNE, 2015
blended wine

Blends aren’t necessarily the poor cousin of the single grape variety – the world-famous Grange will attest to that. While the Australian market now prefers purity, some amazing blends out there are going unrewarded..

Popping the Cork - Prestige Moments

12th JUNE, 2015
bottles of wine

There’s something about that little ‘pop’ when you open a bottle of Champagne that suggests a good time is just round the corner!..

Winter Whites

12th JUNE, 2015
bottles of wine

There are few things quite as comforting as a big glass of red in front of a fire, but white wine has so much to offer the wine world...

Sparkling: It’s not all Champagne.

29th May, 2015
bottles of wine

All bubbly white wine was once lovingly called Champagne. So just what are the various styles of bubbly-making?...

Syrah and Shiraz: A classic love story.

22nd May, 2015
bottles of wine

We explain the fine differences between the beloved Shiraz and its internationally known counterpart, Syrah...

Pairing wine with your favourite comfort food

17th April 2015
bottles of wine

The weather closes in, your favourite TV series is loaded in the DVD player to give you hours of enjoyment and you’ve got a slow cooked lamb shoulder with soft polenta in a bowl warming your lap. Now, to complete the picture, you just need some wine. This is textbook comfort food, food you hardly need to chew. Comfort food doesn’t always need to be slow cooked though. Comfort food can be a Sunday afternoon of fish and chips, or a bowl of vanilla ice cream. It’s simple, delicious, and something that you go to as if on autopilot. Let’s take a look at some classic pairings...

A Feature on Fantastic Fortifieds

25th March 2015
old wine

Early winegrowing in Australia was very different to the exciting and vibrant industry we know today. Until the 1960’s the wine trade in the great southern land was dominated by the production of fortified wines, with great names like Penfolds, Lindeman’s, Seppeltsfield and Morris producing  sweet wines of high alcohol that rapidly fell out of favour as people were introduced to the lighter “table wines” that we know and love today. Thankfully there has been a resurgence of interest in some of these great old fortified wines of Australia, and with it a renewed intrigue to sample the incredible wines that originally inspired their inception...

The Best Whites for Outdoor Gatherings

13th February, 2015

Nancy Sinatra’s Summer Wine, perhaps her most enchanting and memorable hit, always gets me thinking about what the perfect summertime tipple is. Although the song itself isn’t overly interested in whether sauvignon blanc, chardonnay or chenin blanc are the perfect accompaniment to the warmer weather, it does make you thirsty for a summer time quencher...

Melbourne Food and Wine Festival Competition 2015

19th February 2015

If the mere mention of the Melbourne Wine and Food Festivals whets your appetite, then follow us on Twitter at @Vintage_Cellars and tweet us a picture of your best food and wine combination with the #MFWF hashtag for a chance to win one of 5x double passes worth $380 to the wine events at the festival on the 28th, and who knows what journey your taste buds could be about to go on!... 

A very bubbly christmas

4th December, 2014
bubbly wine

Domestic bubbles have come leaps and bounds in the last decade, and excellent examples from both Australia and New Zealand can offer oodles of drinking pleasure. Tasmania is the source of much of the quality sparkling wine being produced in Australia today, and one of the island’s foremost producers, Jansz, consistently produce phenomenal wines at phenomenally good prices...

big bold reds for your christmas-feast

4th December, 2014
christmas wine

The diversity of the winemaking landscape in Australia bestows upon its winemakers an embarrassment of grape variety riches, allowing them to produce an assortment of wines styles almost unrivalled throughout the rest of the vinous world...


4th December, 2014

We’ve all been there: you’re sitting in a restaurant, sipping on your carefully chosen bottle of wine that has been poured straight from the bottle into your glass. Out of the corner of your eye you notice the Sommelier - hidden in a corner - carefully pouring another table’s wine into a decanter. The decanter is then carefully taken to the other table and their wine is dispersed amongst the guests, their faces alight with anticipation and expectation...

Margaret River Romantics


While Margaret River was a little late to the Australian table when it comes to wine, they now dominate in two main areas: Cabernet and Chardonnay.

Pour Yourself a Glass this Friday Night

8TH AUGUST, 2015
Friday Night

You don’t have to hand over a wad of cash to partake in a cosy, Friday night drop. We have a plethora of vinous options that seriously punch above their price-point...

Marvellous McLaren Wines

29th JUly, 2015

McLaren Vale –a tired region that’s home to the wines of yesteryear? What a mistake to think that the Vale is passé! New and exciting are still the words of the moment..

Brilliant Barossa

10th JUly, 2015

The combination of stunning vineyards and old fashioned community spirit help to make the Barossa Valley and to this day, it still turns out delicious Aussie wines..


19th JUNE, 2015
bottles of wine

When handled right, Grenache can lift even the best of varieties. Here’s how this natural beauty adds prettiness and spice, and which producers show off this delicacy in just the way it should be done.

Wine to Cook With

12th JUNE, 2015
bottles of wine

Cook with any wine you can get your hands on, but bear a few of these simple tips in mind...

Where does our wine come from?

5th JUNE, 2015
bottles of wine

Where does Australian wine come from? Here we explain the Australian Geographical indications.

Chocolate and Wine Matching

1st May, 2015
bottles of wine

Chocolate is delicious and wine is delicious, but that doesn’t mean they are good bedfellows. Or is that mouthfellows? It’s a little like bacon. Bacon is delicious, and so is Pavlova, but that doesn’t they go well together. It also doesn’t mean we can’t find a way, and I’m sure many have tried...

The Ultimate Guide to Pairing Cheese to Wine

1st May, 2015
bottles of wine

“Buy wine with water but sell wine with cheese”. This is an old French proverb, and it does ring true. Wine and cheese are not instantly a perfect match, and just like pairing chocolate and wine, there are some key elements to take into account...

Old World Wines in a New World Market

25th March 2015
bottles of wine

The greatest wines of the world come from Bordeaux, Burgundy and Piedmont. At least, that is certainly what most older-generation wine connoisseurs will tell you. Being great, however, is no guarantee that you will instantly fall in love with them. That’s partly because these wines of the Old world are such different beasts to those of the New World that most of us are more used to drinking...

The Red, Red Wines of France

25th March 2015
drinking wine

France, the home of the world’s finest baguettes, the home of the Eiffel tower, and arguably the home of world’s most romantic language, is in many people’s eyes the Mecca of the wine world. Wine is as immersed in the culture of this amazing country as much as vegemite is immersed in the pantries of most Australians...


5th March 2015

Not since the advent of screw cap v cork has the wine world been so divided on an issue. This is not about closures however, this is about the wine itself; a style so polarising some pundits refuse to acknowledge it as wine at all. Some refuse to put it past their lips. It is orange wine. Not the wine from the Orange wine region, but wine defined by its golden hue. Orange wine, a style born in antiquity, is making its way into the coolest venues and being spruiked by the pointy end of the wine fraternity and it only seems to be getting stronger. But what exactly is it?...

Home on the Grange

4th December, 2014
Old guys drinking wine

During the late 1940s and early 1950s the Australian winemaking landscape was changed forever thanks to the foresight and brilliance of two men in the Penfolds winemaking stable. The men in question, Max Schubert and Ray Beckwith, were tasked with overseeing wine production...

Cork Verses Screw caps

4th December, 2014
cork screwcaps

Perhaps the most hotly-debated issue in the exciting world of wine revolves around closures. Traditionally, most wines have been bottled under cork. For centuries the cork oak tree, grown extensively on the Iberian Peninsula and in Northwest Africa, has almost singlehandedly been responsible for providing winemakers with a method of sealing their wine in a bottle...


4th December, 2014

A number of monumental events took place in 1982. South Melbourne Football Club moved to Sydney and became the Sydney Swans. Ian Thorpe, Australia’s most successful Olympian, was born into the world. Sons and Daughters was unleashed onto our television sets and went on to take out a Logie for Most Popular Australian Drama...

The Shades of wine

4th December, 2014
shades of wine

Wine has many beautiful traits. The smell (the nose) and the taste (the palate) are probably the most feverishly debated characteristics amongst wine drinkers after the cork has been drawn (or screwcap twisted off, as the case may be)...

Perfect Picnic Wines

4th December, 2014
picnic wine

Hours of endless sunshine mean that al fresco dining can become a regular treat over the balmy summer months. Lighting up the barbeque at home is as Australian as Vegemite (once was), but sometimes there’s nothing better than dusting off the tartan blanket, filling up the picnic basket and heading off to a quiet spot to indulge in some delicious nibbles while savouring the summer weather...

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