5 Trending Craft Beers

Written by
Luke Robertson
September 1, 2017
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We take a look at five completely different beers that are currently exciting beer drinkers around Australia.

We are increasingly blessed for beer choice here in Australia. Local breweries are winning awards, and world famous beers are landing in our fridges and in bars everywhere. Styles and flavours that you may not be familiar with are all now within reach. To help you navigate the expanding world, here are five selections that will open your palate to what modern beer trends have in store.

Little Creatures The Hotchkiss Six

At 4.5% this is a great and approachable version of the Stout style. With a rich body, it has flavours of chocolate and coffee and lovely dark fruit aromas. The lower alcohol means you can have a couple in front of the fire and still feel ok the next morning. It’s dark, delicious and drinkable. Even if you don’t think dark beers are for you, this is one that may just change your mind.

Named after the guns on Dreadnought battleships, The Hotchkiss Six can be seen as the little brother of Little Creatures’ last winter seasonal “Return of the Dread”.

Feral Karma Citra

Black India Pale Ales are a bit of a contradiction in name. Basically they take the modern bold hops of India Pale Ales and add classic roasted malt characters normally found in Stouts. The result is a cocktail of fruit and chocolate flavours. Incredibly complex, but when they are as in balance as this, very drinkable.

WA-based Feral are regularly regarded as one of Australia’s best breweries and this version of a sometimes confronting style shows their skill with both malt and hops. Feral Karma Citra is delicate, yet packed full of exciting flavours.

James Squire Swindler

James Squire has just received a Gold Medal for their James Squire Swindler at the World Beer Cup. It is maybe the most competitive beer competition in the world and James Squire triumphed in the English-Style Summer Ale category.

It’s a 4.2% easy drinker and an ideal partner for a BBQ or with some fish and chips in front of the telly on a Friday night. Gentle tropical fruit characters from hop varieties El Dorado and Calypso give this just enough aroma to be an interesting drop and impart a reasonable bitterness without becoming too overbearing.

Weihenstephan Hefe Weissbier

Dating back to 1040, this is the oldest continuously operating brewery in the world. The classics never go out of style. The brewery has recently been on drinker's lips as the controversial Bavarian Beer Purity Law (Reinheitsgebot) celebrates its 500th anniversary. While many debates are had about the law and its validity, there are none about this Bavarian brewery’s status as a global brewing icon.

This Hefe is seen as a benchmark of the style. Refreshingly dry, it has a full body and lovely candied banana flavours. Ideal with all sorts of food, it is easy drinking, but complex if you want it to be.

ParrotDog Bitterbitch IPA

When the team brewed this IPA for the first time, they were advised to chuck it out because it was too bitter. Fortunately, they stuck to their guns. This floral and fragrant kiwi-brewed India Pale Ale is everything modern drinkers look for in the style. The founders, three guys named Matt, have made ParrotDog one of New Zealand’s most beloved small breweries and it’s easy to see why. It’s unapologetic, and if you aren’t used to the style, it may be a bit confronting. However pour it into a glass, stick your nose in, and let the aromas swirl while the beer evolves.

While most of these are a departure from the classic Australian lagers, the beers listed here are amongst the finest examples of their styles. If you aren’t sure where to start when exploring beer, then the above five will definitely help you on your journey. The only problem you may have is which one to try first.