Meet the Maker – Andy Mitchell Brewer from Yenda

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Vintage Cellars
February 16, 2017
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We speak to the man behind the bottle to uncover his inspirations, philosophies and insights into his experiences brewing for Yenda.

Vintage Cellars: Do you have a certain philosophy or style to your craft?

Andy: Attention to detail and remembering it is a ‘recipe’ not a ‘formula’.

Vintage Cellars: What is the inspiration behind what you make?

Andy: To bring happiness to others.

Vintage Cellars: Who or what has influenced the drinks you make?

Andy: Anonymous drinkers who I have seen smiling after taking the first sip of one of my beers.

Vintage Cellars: Can you describe your process for us? Is there anything unique or unusual about your process?

Andy: Standard Brewing process with good quality ingredients and a little ‘brewer’s license’.

Vintage Cellars: In your opinion, what do you think makes a good beer, wine or spirit?

Andy: No off-flavours, good balance and the personal opinion of the drinker.

Vintage Cellars: How do you feel your role or work impacts the final product?

Andy: I believe nature plays a bigger role – I just try and influence her role.

Vintage Cellars: How does your personality show through in what you produce?

Andy: It’s a balance between passion and conservatism because I don’t believe anyone actually enjoys outrageous flavours.

Vintage Cellars: What are the most enjoyable parts of what you do?

Andy: The results of my efforts and people’s reactions when they drink my beers.

Vintage Cellars: How about the most difficult part?

Andy: Drinking beer every morning!

Vintage Cellars: Where do you see yourself and your industry headed in the next few years?

Andy: I see myself enjoying brewing for many years to come and the industry reestablishing itself as a growth area, attracting people to a wonderful job. Craft beer will become ‘mainstream’ too.

Vintage Cellars: Is there something you’re looking to achieve in the future that you haven’t already?

Andy: The perfect beer – I keep finding room for improvement!

Vintage Cellars: Do you have any brewing secrets that you can share with us?

Andy: There are no secrets to brewing good beer, just passion and hygiene and good raw materials. Also, you need to keep nature on your side and the Angels in a good mood.

Vintage Cellars: Any parting words?

Andy: I really enjoy brewing, and this is good because when you enjoy your job, you never have to ‘work’! However the most important thing is to never let brewing become more important than your family.

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