A tale of two craft beers (and the brewers that make them)
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A tale of two craft beers (and the brewers that make them)

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Vintage Cellars
October 16, 2018
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Given the traditional bond between pirates and parrots, you’d be forgiven for thinking that New Zealand’s ParrotDog Brewery and Australia’s Pirate Life Brewery were part of the same enterprise. They’re not. But they do have a lot in common. For instance, they both produce fantastic beer, and they’re both passionate about bringing that beer to the world. Get to know these exciting young figures in the craft brewing landscape.

ParrotDog Brewery

Introducing ParrotDog Brewery, a state-of-the-art facility in Wellington, New Zealand

First things first. The founders of ParrotDog claim that no one knows how the name came about, but it’s stuck, which sums up the cheerfully laid-back attitude of this successful brewery.

Two friends, both students, both fans of craft beer, and both called Matt, started brewing in their basement. They discovered they had a knack for it, developing their first commercial recipe, an IPA.

Joining forces with Matt number three, they started contracting out the brewing while they concentrated on introducing their beer to the good folk of Wellington, New Zealand – often fitting in deliveries between university classes.

Their tactics – and beer – were such a success, they had to expand their operations, converting a vast space in Lyall Bay into the gleaming facility they work out of today. And while their circumstances may have changed, ParrotDog still maintains its dedication to quality brews that all three Matts enjoy drinking as much as they do making.

Pirate Life

What are the values behind Pirate Life? Be brave, be inspired and make damn good beer.

Ahoy there, me hearties… Despite the lack of actual pirates behind the Pirate Life beer brand, its core values align rather well with the freewheeling spirit of a life on the ocean.

Four years ago, co-founders Michael and Jack Cameron, and Jared “Red” Proudfoot jumped ship from WA and landed in Adelaide to follow their brewing dream. They’re now creating their successful range of craft beers out of, yes, you guessed, Port Adelaide. Their beers are sold only in cans, as the team believes that, when it comes to hoppy beers, they’re the best bet, as cans slow down the deterioration of those big, beautiful flavours.

And why set up in Adelaide? Well, according to these swashbucklers, apart from the distribution benefits of a South Australian base, Adelaide deserves to be famous for more than superb wines, quality produce and churches...