Summer is a season for mixing fresh flavours with vibrant wines. Discover our selection of summer recipes, paired with the perfect wines.

Food & Wine Matching

Christmas Table: Food and Wine Pairings

Create a memorable day with these summer inspired Christmas food and wine pairings, putting a tempting twist on the traditional.

Spring Flavours and Wines to Match

The new season heralds a fresh menu of delicious green cuisine, paired with lithe and elegant wines. Try a selection of our sensational food and wine…

Food and wine pairings for Father’s Day feasting

The way to a man’s heart is well known. Put the theory into action with these diverse and delicious dishes.

Food and wine pairing for a winter’s feast

In winter, thoughts turn to hearty, homecooked fare. Serve these impressive dishes with wines hand-picked for the occasion.

An autumnal feast and wines to match

The autumn season begs for simple, colourful, rustic cuisine paired with equally beautiful and classic wines.

Easter food and wine pairings

We uncover some of the best meat & wine matches, plus some variations to the traditional pairing for the adventurous palate.