Perfect Pairing: Peppered Beef Fillet

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Vintage Cellars
February 16, 2017
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Celebrity chef Adam D’Sylva teaches us how to cook up a delicious Peppered Beef Fillet and pair it with the perfect wine.

Better than your average meat and two vegetable dish, this classic from Adam D’Sylva is both a simple and hearty dinnertime option. Try it at home for fuss-free entertaining.

Unsure what pairs best with a peppery beef dish? Kara Maisano, sommelier and wine judge says "Beef needs firm structure and dry tannins – with hints of fruit for contrast."

With Kara’s advice in mind, try washing down your Peppered Beef Fillet with a glass of Reschke Rufus the Bull Cabernet Sauvignon.

Recipe: Peppered Beef Fillet

You'll need:

800g Beef tenderloin

¼ cup black peppercorns, freshly crushed

1 kg potatoes

1 head garlic

4 sprigs rosemary

Sea salt flakes

Baby spinach and rocket leaves, to garnish

This recipe serves 4.


Step 1. Preheat oven to 220 degrees.

Step 2. To prepare the beef, season with sea salt and lots of pepper. Then sear in a hot pan until nicely coloured. Place in oven and cook for approximately 25 mins.

Step 3. Peel and cut potatoes in cubes. Bring potatoes to the boil in plenty of salted water and cook until just tender. Drain and place in roasting tray.

Step 4. Season with olive oil, salt, pepper, rosemary, and cloves of garlic. Bake in the oven until golden brown.