How to Celebrate World Gin Day

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Vintage Cellars
June 7, 2018
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There are plenty of causes for celebration in a calendar year. However, it is quite novel to have an entire day to celebrate a spirit, however as World Gin Day is returning for its tenth year on Saturday 9th June, this shows just how popular gin has become.

World Gin Day was started by blogger Neil Houston in 2009, originating just as an excuse to share gin with friends. Since 2013 the event has been run by Emma Stokes of Gin Monkey, with gin-themed celebrations including tasting festivals taking place in over 30 different countries.

To qualify as a gin, it must be made using an alcoholic spirit distilled from grain or malt and flavoured with juniper berries.


Gin was once regarded to have medicinal qualities and the earliest records of its production date back to the early 17th century in Holland, where it was used to treat stomach ailments, gout and gallstones. Of course, now we know that gin is far from medicinal. Though nowadays it is the spirit of choice including, most famously Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald and Tennessee Williams

The new golden age

Today, gins are commonly infused with botanicals such as flowers, fruits, herbs and spices which add to its flavour profile, surprising the palate. Over the last five years, there has been a steady interest in utilising citrus as a key ingredient. Four Pillars Gin, capitalises on this ingredient to highlight the other spices and aromatics in its gin. However, it doesn’t stop there; many distilleries adopt an experimental approach to create new and innovative concoctions. For example, you can expect a zest of Douglas fir, bay leaves and sage in every sip of a St George Terroir Gin.

Australia is clearly experiencing a revolution in gin, as it looks to its own natural landscapes for inspiration. Poor Toms Gin, an independent distillery from Sydney, infuses green apple and chamomile with native strawberry gum leaf in its product. This bold combination of ingredients results in an award-winning gin that distinctly pays homage to the outback.

One can also expect to see more gin ‘hybrids’ in the market. Again, Four Pillars Gin continues to break new ground with more curious, limited-edition gin creations. By combining grapes from the Yarra Valley with their rare dry gin, a highly sought-after ‘Bloody Shiraz Gin’ was conceived. This surprisingly versatile gin can be served with a little ice, tonic and lime. Citadelle Original Gin is also an interesting mix, hailing from the home of cognac and balancing 18 different botanicals for a floral gin with pepper and spice.

The future

The gin industry serves as a robust playground for its participants. It’s also contemplative; embodied by its informed experimentation in style and ingredient. The future for gin? Anything goes – expect more unexpected elements (cactus, perhaps?) combinations that break the rules, and more collaborations that combine wine, other spirits and even fragrances with the humble gin.

You can celebrate World Gin Day by trying something new in the spirit of an experimental industry. Perhaps a Four Pillars Spiced Negroni Gin or a Citadelle London Dry Gin.

How to celebrate in your own home? We’d recommend inviting over guests and serving them classic gin cocktails like a gin Martini, Negroni or a Gimlet and pairing it with simple seafood or – in the case of an afternoon event – cucumber sandwiches and smoked salmon. When in doubt, come in-store and our Team Members will find a gin to suit your tastes.