In the Spotlight: Trending Beer, Wine and Gin
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In the Spotlight: Trending Beer, Wine and Gin

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Vintage Cellars
November 12, 2019
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In search of the quintessential festive tipple? Here are some of the top-trending drinks including wine, beer and gin that you’re likely to find on the best tables (or kitchen benches) come party time.

Organic wines

Organic and biodynamically produced wines currently make up the fastest-growing part of the global market, with sales of organic wine predicted to top one billion bottles by 2022. To be organic a wine must come from a winery where no synthetic chemicals have been used – this includes herbicides, pesticides and fertilisers. To keep weeds and bugs at bay, organic growers work with nature, by boosting the vineyard’s biodiversity.

One note for revellers: there’s no scientific evidence to back the suggestion that organic wines help you avoid a hangover. If you’re prone to headaches when drinking small amounts of wine, cutting out the chemical additions may be beneficial; otherwise, moderation is the key. Discover our range of trendy organic wine.

Cullen Moon Opposite Saturn Harvest Sauvignon Blanc, Margaret River
White flower and tropical fruit aromas build to a marvellous amalgam of pomelo, apple and cumquat with great minerality.

Handpicked Organic DOC Prosecco NV, Veneto Italy
This is best drunk young to appreciate its heady aromas of flowers and fresh fruit. Serve chilled with seafood risotto and good friends.

Yangarra PF Shiraz, McLaren Vale
This fresh, fruit-driven wine is delicious enjoyed young. It’s made from grapes grown without herbicides, fungicides or synthetic chemicals.

French Grenache

Until quite recently, grenache was mostly hidden in blends or loaded with oak, but in the past few years, a new generation of subtler, lighter, pinot-style wines has seen it come a long way. The red version of grenache is one of the world’s most widely planted red grapes; part of the reason for that is its ability to withstand droughts.

The grape’s thin skin and pale colouring also makes it well suited for the production of full-bodied rosé wines, hence it plays an important role in the Provence region of France. And to make up the trifecta, there is also a white grenache, known as grenache blanc. It is a mainstay of white blends in the Rhône Valley, bringing body and richness with flavours ranging from saline and citrus to waxy and tropical. Enjoy some of these trendy grenache varieties.

Félicette Grenache Blanc, Pays d’Oc France
An intense but fresh bouquet of mint, pear and dry apricot, plus a fresh palate of mango and a hint of spice leading into a crisp lime zest finish.

Félicette Grenache Rosé, South West France
This pale salmon pink wine is refreshing and fruity, with hints of delicate strawberry and raspberry. Pair with salads, shellfish and grilled fish.

Félicette Grenache Noir, South West France
Breathe in a powerful nose of violets and red fruits. In the mouth expect raspberry and plum in a medium-bodied, soft and juicy wine.
The world of gin is undergoing something of a revolution. Seemingly overnight, gin has risen from a drink sipped by an older generation to the height of chic and everyone’s favourite boutique spirit.

Its traditional flavours of juniper berry and coriander seed have been joined by a wide variety of new flavours, including blends of native Australian botanicals that have won awards at home and abroad. New distilleries continue to open every week and will no doubt continue to push boundaries and rewrite the story of Australian gin. Check out our top trendy gin picks.

23rd Street Distillery Gift Pack
A diminutive bottle of Signature Gin boasts flavours of juniper, a mandarin middle and fresh lime on the back palate. It comes with identical measures of Hybrid Whisk(e)y and Australian Vodka.

Wandering Distillery Signature Gin

The required juniper-driven taste is accented by cassia spiciness and citrus from coriander seed, sweet orange peel and lemon myrtle. Drink in cocktails or neat over ice.

Artisan beers

The demand for all thing artisanal and hand-crafted has sky-rocketed over the past few years and, as summer temperatures warm up, Australia’s flourishing craft beer sector is hotter than ever.

An average of one small brewery opens every week here, as beer drinkers are drawn to the idea of boutique beers produced using only high-quality ingredients. And that’s good news for festive drinks, because as someone no doubt once said, life’s too short to drink bad beer. Explore our range of trendy beers.

Fox Hat Heavy Handed XPA
‘Heavy Handed’ is a reference to the extra hops, added late in the brewing process, creating an aroma of citrus notes, orange marmalade, and a touch of spice, with bready malts.

Feral Biggie Juice

This East Coast IPA is left cloudy, creating a creamy mouthfeel. Teeming with punchy tropical hop aromas and full of apricot, peaches and passionfruit, this is as juicy as it gets.