Pinot Gris - The Perfect Summer White

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Vintage Cellars
February 16, 2017
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Delve into the old world and the new as we uncover the best Pinot Gris and Pinot Grigio drops ready to devour now.

You can’t talk about Pinot Gris, without talking about Pinot Grigio. It’s the same grape, with two different styles. It’s like recording two different versions of the same song. Sound confusing? It is. The best way to think about it is like this.

Old World Styles

In wine we talk about Old World and New World.

In the Old World, there are often strict regulations about wine being made to a particular regional style, which vineyards the grapes are harvested from and how the wine is made. Think wine regions in Europe, such as Alsace.

You can generalise about the style of European wines easily. Italian-style Pinot Grigio is usually picked early, has high acid and citrus through to stone fruit flavours. Pinot Gris from Alsace has a fuller body and could be sweet so careful what you pick up off the shelf!

New World Styles

In the New World there are fewer restrictions on style and winemaking techniques. What this means is that New World wines can have more variations of a particular style, down to the winemaker’s individual preference. This includes regions within Australia for example, such as the Adelaide Hills.

It’s harder to generalise about wines from the New World, especially Pinot Gris and Pinot Grigio because we have so much freedom with our wine making techniques here. When I’m in store trying to make a decision I think about the texture of the wine. Do I feel like a crisper style, more like a Sauvignon Blanc with lots of acidity? Or do I feel like a more subdued style with less acidity and a fuller body?

The Tour

From Tasmania to Verona, to New Zealand, the Adelaide Hills and to Alsace, this wine style is like a travel adventure, with plenty of styles to try.

Bay of Fires Pinot Gris

This wine is from Tasmania with flavours of melon and peach. There has been some wild ferment allowed giving complexity, and it has a classical structure with crisp acidity.

Celso Pinot Grigio

With flavours of lemon zest, pear and ripe peach this Old World wine in the traditional style, and hails from Verona, Italy.

Villa Maria Private Bin Pinot Gris

From the New World – New Zealand, this wine has a variety of flavours that reflect the multiple regions the grapes were harvested from. Flavours include baked apple, almond and cinnamon.

Vinaceous Sirenya Pinot Grigio

A mineral palate and a long finish, this wine is From the Adelaide Hills. With flavours of Nashi Pear with lifted aromatics this is a New World Pinot Grigio.

Wolfberger Alsace Pinot Gris

This wine has less residual sugar than most Alsace Pinot Gris, but is still an Old World wine. It has a full body, with roasted notes, and floral aromatics.