The Darling Buds of Drinks

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Vintage Cellars
February 16, 2017
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Spring is the most aromatic of all the seasons and there are plenty of things to drink that match the floral and aromatic mood of the earth.

You can’t walk down the street without noticing the scent of flowers blossoming.  As the weather starts to warm up, the heavier reds and full bodied whites are replaced by lighter and brighter examples for sipping in the late afternoon sun.


The most aromatic of all the grapes is Gewurztraminer and there is no greater practitioner that Delatite. The ‘Dead Mans Hill’ – morose name, exquisite perfume – has been a benchmark wine for this variety for decades. Gewurztraminer (pronounced ‘geverts’ traminer) is famous for its lychee and rose petal nose. The palate is similar to Riesling but a little bigger and less acidic. It is perfect with strong cheeses and dishes with a dash of chilli and lime. It isn’t springtime without a little Gewurztraminer.


The new release Rieslings are already on the market and this time of year is when they are at their most aromatic and floral. Being such a consistent wine style there are so many great Rieslings to choose from, but some highlights of the new releases are Pikes Traditional Riesling or Leo Buring Riesling from the Clare Valley in South Australia. Chill these wines down for a thrilling, almost sherbet like fruit expression. These drops are perfect on their own or paired with some simply grilled seafood on the BBQ.


If you want a wine that offers a little more punch, then Spinifex Rosé is the most perfect pink wine for spring. It is full of red berries and notes of rose petals and has a little more alcohol and weight which means it can keep up when you bring out red meat from the BBQ. Spinifex rosé is dry and savoury and may change the way you think about pink wines.


For a little low alcohol refreshment there are few wines that compare to Moscato. Light, bright and endlessly aromatic, these wines have notes of roses and lemonade and work so well on their own with a few pieces of strawberry. Want to get creative? Make your own adult spider, by pouring over a little scoop of vanilla ice cream. Brown Brothers Sparkling Moscato is a perennial favourite, so too is the bright pink Innocent Bystander Moscato from the Yarra Valley. These wines are playful and delightful.

New blends

To try something you may not have seen before we recommend Pip and Seed Fruity. This is a blend of cider and wine in the same bottle. It has the characteristic crunch of cider and the more forward fruity character of white wine – the best of both worlds.

This is the best time of year to pair your drinking with the season, so as you notice the buds bursting and the baby birds chirping enjoy these lively, fresh and aromatic drinks.