The story of an enduring love affair with wine

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Vintage Cellars
March 31, 2019
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As one of the oldest wine retailers in the country, the Vintage Cellars journey is one fuelled by pure passion and commitment.

The story begins almost 70 years ago, in Gawler Place, Adelaide, the site of Vintage Cellars' very first store.

Our founders, Jack Edwards (a Private, hailing from humble beginnings) and Sir Edward Hayward (a Lieutenant Colonel, private school educated and upper-class) met during WWII and despite very different backgrounds, their intense shared love of wine forged a firm friendship and a grand plan to share their passion with Australia. Their unbounded enthusiasm for new and exciting tastes led to the creation of Vintage Cellars and a store filled with intriguing bottles of wine, each one with a story of its own. And the customers started flowing as quickly as the wine. Very quickly, Vintage Cellars' reputation as the fine wine specialists was formed.

And from 1951, right up until today, Vintage Cellars has continued to strive to seek out the very best wines and producers across the globe, in order to share them with passionate, wine-loving Australians. We’ve always been at the forefront of changing wine tastes and trends, embracing them and more often than not, setting them for others to follow. In the 1950s, we sensed fortified wine would give way to wines made with Italian and German varieties. In the 1960s, sweet and sparkling wines, along with full-bodied reds, grew in popularity. So, we sourced the finest. The 1970s saw dry wines and chardonnay take a seat at more and more Australian tables. Whether it was robust reds from Bordeaux, the latest white wines from California, or sparkling wines from beyond Champagne, Vintage Cellars sought the best of the best, fuelling wine enthusiasts' passions and palates.

Our stores were, and still are, destinations for discovery. The world of wine is constantly shifting with styles, regions and grape varieties subject to the vagaries of taste. As soon as there’s something new to be discovered, rest assured, Vintage Cellars will learn about it, source it and share it with our customers.

From humble beginnings, we’ve grown into a proud network of more than 80 Vintage Cellars stores across the country. Walk into any one of them and you’ll meet the most passionate team of wine experts in Australia. With their unsurpassed knowledge, they know every variety, every region, every producer and the stories behind them all. They’re driven by a passion to help every single customer discover something they’ll love.

The entire Vintage Cellars family is immensely proud of the special place our brand holds in the Australian retail wine landscape. Our enduring love affair with wine is infectious and we hope you’ll raise a glass with us, to the last 60+ years and the next 60 to come, as we celebrate the launch of our bigger and brighter Cellar Press from Australia’s original fine wine specialist since 1951.