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Blanc De Blancs 750mL

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Pale yellow in colour, with green edges, the wine has fine bubbles and persistent mousse. Fresh lime blossom, apple and fennel aromas abound with some hints of nut and toast in background. A bright palate includes primary fruit flavours of pears and Fuji apples, nectarine and ripe meyer lemons. Soft acidity, gentle creamy texture and a very long finish are features of this wine.

Chardonnay is widely planted in Australia, and represents around a quarter of our total grape harvest. As a consequence, we have an enormous variety of locations, and with each location comes a new set of flavours. The diversity of Chardonnay expression in Australia is a great benefit for Australian sparkling wine producers and consumers, something to be proud of and to celebrate. This first release of Chandon Blanc de Blancs non-vintage was an exciting opportunity to show off a truly Australian style of Chardonnay blended as Blanc de Blancs and made using the traditional method.

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    Cheerful Fun & Fizzy
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    Yarra Valley, Australia
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