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Hattingley Valley

Classic Reserve NV 750ml

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The United Kingdom is rising rapidly in the sparkling wine market. Over the past 10 years these wines have been gaining traction due to changing climate increasing the viability of traditional sparkling wine grapes. Sparkling wine now accounts for 66% of all English wine production and the Hattingley Valley Classic Reserve is a great example of what the region is capable of. An elegant, svelte and super pure wine with a delicate nose of hedgerow flowers. It has finesse, vibrant green fruit and a characteristic toasty flavour.

  • Style
    Seriously Sparkling
  • Standard Drinks
  • Packaging
  • Alcohol Content
  • Closure
  • Varieties
  • Region
    Multi Region, United Kingdom
  • Origin
    United Kingdom
  • Cellaring
    Medium term cellaring (up to 7 years)
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