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Appearance - Full gold with deeper amber depths.

Nose - Extremely smooth and approachable. Maritime aromas of salt, warm sand, seaweed and varnish surround a vinous central core, on a peppery base. Rapidly opens into richer notes of honey, lemon and fruit cake. Cooling, with fresh mint and beeswax; then lighter, with ozone, a floral note and glimpses of smoke. Mildly drying. Later, warm malted cereal, then spearmint and a trace of olive brine.

Body - Medium to firm.

Palate - A rich and absorbing mouthfeel. Instantly pleasing and moreish. The taste matches the nose: salty after a lightly sweet start, with faint fruity and oily notes. A smoky warmth, rich in honey and citrus notes, suffuses the palate. Then sweet, grainy, caramel notes anticipate soft fresh mint and liquorice into the finish.

Finish - Fabulously pungent, spicy and warming, with a light smokiness. A beautiful balance of smoke, cereal and chewy tannins. Orange skin and salt; then late vanilla.

  • Style
    Malt Scotch Whisky
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  • Origin
    United Kingdom
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