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Johnnie Walker

Gold Route 1 Litre

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The Gold Route is a blend of Johnnie Walker's finest aged whiskies. It takes its inspiration from a group of journeys made by the Walker's agents that took them from a starting point in Central America, through the Andes and along the Pacific Ocean coast to the foot of the South American continent. Gently matured in old American Oak casks, each cask is carefully selected for a luxurious smoothness and vibrant flavour. The Gold Route has the perfect balance of exotic fruit flavours, lingering smoke and of course, a beautiful rich golden colour.

On the nose, you’ll perceive notes of ripe banana, mango, pitaya and sweet vanilla with accents of spice and smoke. The first sip goes deeper within the heart of Latin America; notes of exotic fruits become more vibrant. As the flavour evolves, currant and raisin emerges, together with bold, distinctive smokiness. Finally, with the last ripples of flavours, you savour the luxurious smoothness of this unique, exotic blend.

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    Blended Scotch Whisky
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