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Johnnie Walker

The Royal Route 750mL

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The Royal Route is a whisky fit for kings. Blended harmoniously and carefully refined, the dark amber-hued whisky is sourced from the finest hand selected oak casks from the exclusive reserve cellars of Johnnie Walker. The blend is inspired by the majestic history and the sights of the royal trading route, famed for bringing the luxuries of the world to the hands of Kings. The travellers' tales of the legendary journeys that took place on this road, the precious silks, Persian ornaments, diamonds and pearls that were traded along it, inspired today's Master Blender to create the most opulent variant in the explorers club collection.

There is a vast array of rich fruity flavours including apple, pear, fig and peach. It has an intense and complex flavour with notes of dried fruit and toffee, handsomely balanced with a subtle woody sweetness and a lingering wispy aromatic smoke delivering depth of character, with richer, multiple layers on the palate.

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    Blended Scotch Whisky
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