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21 Year Old 700mL

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Appearance - Full gold. Delicate beading.

Nose - Nose prickle, then a dry maritime aroma, with warm sand, dry seaweed and crystalline salt. Beyond this, fruitcake slowly appears through a veil of peat, menthol, linseed oil, barley sugar, wet sand and charred timbers. In time, hints of toasted marshmallow and lemon curd on wholemeal toast. Much later, more sweetness, soaring menthol and ozone.

Body - Smoothly oily, unctuous.

Palate - Powerful, with a creamy texture and a surprisingly sweet taste, with some salt. Intense and cooling; sweet and coating. Then drying, with a dusting of cocoa powder, toasted coconut, spearmint and menthol; developing background notes of aniseed around a sweeter hazelnut, nougat core.

Finish - Spicy and cooling, yet also sweetly warming, with menthol and subtle smoke; traces of ash and ginger, a sandy note, and a hint of charred grass on a sea breeze.

  • Style
    Malt Scotch Whisky
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  • Origin
    United Kingdom
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