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28 Year Old 700mL

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Appearance - Old gold, lightly oily. Good beading.

Nose - Dense and mellow with a brief, light prickle. Compelling in its simplicity. Waxy, then slow notes of sweet, gingery cake rise above traces of lemon zest, honey and fresh mint on ripe red apple skins. Later, fruit salad with banana and sweet vanilla with coconut, ground almond and red fruit; much later, a more sharply fruity note.

Body - Light, with a slowly deepening viscosity.

Palate - Immediate and direct. Smooth coating texture and a sweet taste with a warming, peppery pungency. Dark toffee and spice; surprising notes of salt and f lint. Growing toasty, with charred, raisin-rich apple strudel and toasted coconut; then marzipan, bitter chocolate, heather and menthol.

Finish - Gentle and warming, with some white pepper. Oily, with a pervasive pungency. Sweetly mint-cool with burnt croissant, cedar and hints of smoke. Slowly drying and very, very long.

  • Style
    Malt Scotch Whisky
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  • Origin
    United Kingdom
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