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Willow Creek

Estate Chardonnay 750mL

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This is a fine, penetrating, bright chardonnay with toasted-cashew and almond aromas building lemon flavours on the palate, where it is fresh and fruit-driven. Mouth-watering acidity keeps it jumping. Delicious and lingering.

'Willow Creek is one of many beautiful Mornington Peninsula vineyards to make stunning chardonnay and pinot noir. Winemaker Geraldine McFaul writes that the wine is estate-grown, whole-bunch pressed, fermented in oak barrels, with regular lees stirring, for 10 months. It also undergoes full malolactic fermentation (converting hard malic acid to soft lactic acid). The result is a fine, delicate chardonnay that blossoms after opening for some time, revealing delicious, subtle nectarine-like varietal flavour. A silky, fine texture adds to the appeal. And bottle age should bring out more magic.'
- Sunday Canberra Times, 17 October 2010, Chris Shanahan.

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    Intense Flavoursome Whites
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    Mornington Peninsula, Australia
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