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Ch D'Yquem

Ch d'Yquem Sauternes 2009 750mL

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Chateau d'Yquem (the d’ is silent) is arguably the World's best sweet wine. Classed as 1er Cru Classe Superieur (First Classed Growth Superior!) it is also, officially France's highest rated sweet wine.

The Chateau is located in Sauternes (a small commune located South East of the town of Bordeaux) which has just the right damp maritime climate in Autumn to allow the Semillon (80%) and Sauvignon Blanc (20%) grapes to develop the famous botrytis fungus (aka 'noble rot') resulting in the distinctive (and quite frankly delicious) flavour found in Sauternes.

Your first sip of Ch d'Yquem will stay with you forever and you will want to return for more again and again, but be warned this is an expensive (but very rewarding!) habit!

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