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Pinot Grigio Spritz Can NV 250mL

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Cellar Press Special
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Expect pears and lime with subtle apple notes, all wrapped up with a delicate zingy spritz. Perfect for fish and chips on the beachfront.

Wine in cans has been a huge trend over the past year or so, and why not? They’re ultra transportable, easy to chill and have a smaller impact on the environment than bottles as they’re easy to recycle. While it accounts for a relatively tiny part of the market at the moment, canned wine is expected to gain traction quickly and rapid growth is predicted for 2020. One of the early adopters is Pizzini, which has launched these three beauties, perfect for picnics, festivals or dinner for one.

• Pack of 4 x 250mL Cans.

  • Style
    Cheerful Fun & Fizzy
  • Standard Drinks
  • Packaging
  • Alcohol Content
  • Varieties
    Pinot Grigio Or Gris
  • Region
    King Valley, Australia
  • Origin
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